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Apr 28, 2020

With Maul and Mandalore being the focus of the final story arc of the Clone Wars, we're taking some time to look back at how Maul came to power. Today, that means we're doing a Clone Wars Briefing on "Shades of Reason," episode 15 from season 5 of the Clone Wars and the second of a three-part story arc.

In the first episode, Maul and Savage Opress were rescued by Death Watch, and proceeded to use their surprise Mandalorian saviors to strong-arm the Pykes, Black Sun, and the Hutts to help them. Now, with an army and ample supplies, they hatch the plot - make it look like criminals are overrunning the now-peaceful Mandalore, and then have Death Watch arrive to "save the day."

Well, the Duchess Satine sees right through this, accusing Pre Vizsla immediately upon his arrival of being behind the criminal attacks. For all the good it did her. We'll talk about all of that, plus the race to see who can double-cross whom first, and how it all shakes out. Punch it!

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