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Mar 29, 2020

I have a reputation for being a positive person, and in particular to this podcast, finding the best in what I'm talking about when I'm talking about Star Wars. I also believe there's a distinct line between complaining versus critiquing. So when I approach the mid-season review of Clone Wars season 7, the final season of the show, I feel like I need to establish those two things as a foundation for what I'm going to say on the show today.

Because, in point of fact, there's been a lot to enjoy about season 7 of the Clone Wars. It may just be my own preconceived notions here. When I heard that season 7 was coming, and with the talk about how Dave Filoni - and he's said this for many years, mind you - never got to finish Clone Wars, and now he finally gets to give it the finish he wanted, I went into this season thinking that they would be making exceptional and remarkable choices in the story arcs they revealed in this final season.

Unfortunately, that's not the experience I've had, and I'll explain my rationale in today's episode. Again, I think there's a lot to enjoy about what they've done so far, and very likely for what they still have to reveal! I also think that, from a narrative choice standpoint, the arcs they chose are puzzling, for me at least. I do want to hear your thoughts as well - whether you agree to any degree, or why you might think I'm off-base about this... Punch it!

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