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Feb 29, 2020

"A Distant Echo," episode 2 from season 7 of the Clone Wars, is also the second of a four-part story arc, and picks up not long after where we left off in the previous episode. Rex and the Bad Batch have returned to base, and the Jedi Council has the discoveries of the previous mission under consideration. The...

Feb 28, 2020

"Citadel Rescue," episode 20 from season 3 of the Clone Wars series, is the final episode in a three-part story arc that also happens to serve as a prequel of sorts to the first story arc of the new season 7 of the Clone Wars.

The fate of Echo - who was caught in an explosion at the end of the previous episode,...

Feb 27, 2020

"Counterattack" is episode 19 from season 3 of the Clone Wars, and the second of a three-part story arc. And *this* is the episode where clone trooper Echo gets caught in an explosion - an event which has major ramifications for the first story arc of the new season 7 of the Clone Wars.

All we see of Echo is him getting...

Feb 26, 2020

Yes, Bob Iger has been thinking about his retirement for a while. He's been asked to stay by Disney for much longer than his initial contract limits were, and had signed multiple extensions. On the other hand, it does seem odd that on a random Tuesday afternoon at the end of February, Disney makes the announcement that...

Feb 25, 2020

It begins! The Project Luminous kickoff event was held last night, and the contributions of all five authors (so far) have been revealed:

Charles Soule: the adult novel, Light of the Jedi
Claudia Gray: the YA novel, Into the Dark
Justina Ireland: the middle grade novel, A Test of Courage
Cavan Scott: the Marvel series,...