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Star Wars 7x7: A Daily Bite-Sized Dose of Star Wars Joy

Star Wars 7x7 is Rebel-rousing fun for everyday Jedi, 7-ish minutes a day, 7 days a week. Join host Allen Voivod for Star Wars news, history, interviews, trivia, and deep dives into the Star Wars story as told in live action, animation, books, comics, games, and more. Subscribe now for your daily dose of Star Wars joy. It's destiny unleashed! #SW7x7

Nov 12, 2017

This has to have been my favorite episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny yet, out of all 16 episodes. "An Imperial Feast" confirms your worst nightmares about the Ewoks dietary habits; reveals that Hera and Chopper have survived the events of Rogue One and the whole Original Trilogy; and features deftly...

Oct 3, 2017

Four new episodes of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny arrived on Sunday evening! They included "The Starfighter Stunt," "Teach You, I Will," "Newest Recruit," and "Tracker Trouble," the latter of which takes place during The Force Awakens. Punch it!

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Jul 14, 2017

Today is the last of my looks at "Forces of Destiny," the new micro-series on Disney's YouTube channel. "The Stranger" (a Jyn Erso story) and "Bounty of Trouble" (a Sabine Wren/Princess Leia story) are up for discussion today. Punch it!

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Jul 13, 2017

"Forces of Destiny" plays into the background of a deleted scene from The Empire Strikes Back with "Beasts of Echo Base"! Plus, Padme and Ahsoka are reunited for some palace intrigue action in "The Imposter Inside." Punch it!

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Jul 12, 2017

How did Princess Leia earn her Ewok dress? And how did Ahsoka Tano earn an extra recognition of honor for her Jedi Padawan braid? These are the questions answered by "Ewok Escape" and "The Padawan Path," two more shorts from Disney's new "Forces of Destiny" webisode series. Punch it!

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